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La citation du jour

“Quand je vois ma partie de Civilization cela confirme mon idée que l’humanité irait mieux si j’étais maître du monde.”


As if walls only had one side

We’re tired of living up to other people’s expectations when our own are so much higher.
Intelligence seems so easily dismissed when it doesn’t conform to mainstream values.
Lennon said “They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool”,
He was right. Social intelligence merely requires agreement and compromise.

The boundaries are becoming narrower as the State becomes more paranoid.
Under authoritarian rule, conformity becomes the only security.
Fear is a powerful weapon against human development.
Cowering in our temples of self there’s little chance of change;
The State is aware of that.

Crass – Yes Sir, I will

La citation du jour

C’est une chance que les gens de la nation ne comprennent pas notre système bancaire et monétaire parce que si tel était le cas, je crois qu’il y aurait une révolution avant demain matin.
– Henry Ford

Quote of the Day

”If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.”
– @nonymous

La citation du jour

Dialogue entre Yvonne Printemps et Sacha Guitry lors d’une dispute :
« – Traînée ! Quand tu seras morte, on mettra sur ta tombe : “Enfin froide !” »
« – Et sur la tienne on inscrira : “Enfin raide !” »

Ah ! Les gens d’esprit !

Citation du jour

“Un poète est un monde enfermé dans un homme” V. Hugo.

La citation du jour

“Japan’s future is the envy of the world.
Let’s make love together.”

– Morning Musume – Love Machine.

La citation du jour

“Si t’as besoin de quelque chose appelle-moi je te dirais comment t’en passer.” – Coluche

Citation du jour

“The new world order reeks of dying empire odor
and changing the channel won’t make that go away.
As the veneer of democracy fades away, as the world
down-sizes until it explodes, as the shanty-towns piled
behind the malls become visible, as the savages on the
other side of the wall break through, as everybody from
gun-crazy militias to anti-immigrant nazis to fundamentalist
child-raping christians to gangsta rappers to community
activists to working families just struggling to put food
on the table, all mad at the same thing: your SUV; me, me, me;
“mission accomplished”; bring em on; buy more stuff, buy more stuff;
fight terror, defend freedom so we can buy more stuff.
The false illusion of the world is going down, motherfucker.
Walk off the job. Crime is beautiful.
A prank a day keeps the dog-leash away.
Quit your jobs. Burn down the malls. AAARRRGGHHHH”

– Jello Biafra, ex-Dead Kennedy

La citation du jour

“Putain qu’est ce que j’ai mal au cul!”
– esm.